Thursday, July 9, 2009

Faith in Humanity

A few nights ago I was on the phone with my best friend. His wife was watching their local news (they live a few states away) in the background. Loki (my friend) commented on the story.

"Some idiot pistol whipped his three year old." Loki (who is an ex-con himself) followed this up with "He'll be somebody's bitch inside." Then he said "Things like this are why I have no faith in humanity, sick fucks who do shit like this."

I said "Actually what you said is what gives me faith in humanity."

He asked "What?'

I answered. "Think about it, he's going to be raped many, many times in prison. Why? Because even hardened convicts get it, that pistol-whipping a three year old is something you just don't do."

Loki was quiet for a minute. Then he turned to his wife. "Honey, Rigel just made me think that maybe there is something to this whole 'Humanity' business."

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