Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Writing exercise 06/01/2009

Jake Fletcher was very annoyed.

Since he didn't want his book to get wet he closed it up and returned it to his bag. Jake did not appreciate Mother Natures sense of humor this morning. He'd left home in such a hurry that he hadn't even realized it was raining until he was more than a half a block away.

Jake hadn't wanted to return for an umbrella because he didn't want to miss his bus. But the bus was late. Almost 10 minutes late. It wasn't a heavy rain, but still more wetness than Jake wanted to deal with.

Finally the rain stopped, and Jake felt things were looking up. Especially as he saw his bus less than two blocks away. To pass the time Jake read on the bus as was his habit.

The bus arrived at the connection for Jake's next bus and he get off, still reading. Then as the bus pulled away the rain started again.

Timing really was everything.

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