Friday, May 29, 2009

Carrie Prejean Fuss w/Bikini Pics

It might seem a little late to be coming to this particular party, but I watched something the other day that got me thinking about it.

First I want to say that the primary reason for this post is the always noble goal of putting up pictures of hot chicks not wearing much clothing and thus inspiring the imagination. (For those curious as to where I stand on the gay marriage issue, I don't. That is stand on it. I'm neither gay, nor religious in anyway and I have no intention of getting married, so I can't see any importance to myself in the issue. Note: The previous is
not an invitation to explain the importance of the issue to me.)

Miss Prejean claimed that she would have won with different question, or a different answer.

While pageant officials said that she might not have been anywhere near winning. Me, I find both assertions a little lacking. Miss Prejean's because it is more than a bit self-serving , both to her ego and to her framing herself as a martyr to her convictions.

And the pageant officials because she did win runner-up, even with the question, so she had to be in the ballpark. Still I do have to disagree with the idea (as put forward by Miss Cynthia Yockey, amongst others I'm sure) that the question was fair.

To understand the question's unfairness you have to understand the reason for the question portion in beauty pageants. You see the idea (and I'll leave it to the reader to judge the accuracy of it) is that beauty pageants aren't just about pretty girls in hot outfits. ( Why this would be wrong if that's all beauty pageants were about, I don't know, but some people believe it to be so. All I can say about that is that I hope these obviously mentally ill people get the help they desperately need.) They have minds to. And the question portion is to test their minds, specifically in the area of elocution.

That's why the questions tend to be bland nothings about world peace. It's not about
what the contestant answers, but how. But when the question is about such a controversial issue, that for good or ill, has a lot of people agitated; the judges can't help but be swayed by the content of the answer rather than the delivery.

The funny thing is, speaking in a forensic sense (Not the CSI kind of forensics) the answer wasn't very good. She started off trying to say something bland and as empty of actual meaning as possible, then mid-way switched to a strong statement staking out a clear position. If she'd started out that way it would have been a much better answer.

That said I don't see that Miss Prejean's been hurt by this. Ask yourself this, can you name the reigning Miss USA? Probably not, but almost everybody knows who Carrie Prejean is.

Oh, and what did I watch that got me thinking about this? Miss Prejean co-hosting Fox and Friends. I think she'll do okay.

(If you're interested in more in depth coverage you might consider The Other McCain who's done a yeoman's job on it. And by yeoman's job I mean you'll find a lot of links to hot pictures and videos.)

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